Qand Fishan

It all started in 1941, when a young boy no more than 9 years, bare footed entered the city of Gujrat. He was with no specific background, but he had an ambition. The ambition to be ‘”Recognized” by the world around him. He wanted this to happen by only his hard work and faith. He worked restlessly in a sweet shop of close relatives for nearly 23 years just to gain experience in the field. After All those years he felt that it was time for him to rise up on his own feet. And this is when; in 1964 “QAND FISHAN” began its long journey. The word Qand Fishan means “Eruption of Sweetness”. Surely, the people in its ever-growing circle know that it has lived up to its meaning. The gourmet chefs working in Qand Fishan know that their purpose to do all the hard work is to spread the smiles around the world that radiate with pure happiness. Qand Fishan understands the meaning of Sugary Sweetness, and it tends to bring the same in its products. Here the people work with the motto, “There is no finish line to Perfection”. They keep on going to do better than the best… These are just a few words to describe the deep connotation of “QAND FISHAN”. There’s more to it than just these few lines. Today the founder “Mian M. Bashir Ansari”is no more amongst us. However, we believe that he is still smiling proudly from the heavens above, on the “Wonders”of his own “Hard work and Faith”.


Chowk Pakistan, (Shishian wala gate)
Gujrat Pakistan.
Ph. +92-53-3530727

Chowk Gulzar-e-Madina, (Old Ramtlai)
G.T road, Gujrat Pakistan.
Ph. +92-53-3524182-83

Marghazar, Bhimber road,
Gujrat Pakistan.
Ph. +92-53-3609541-42-43

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