3rd Interdepartmental Qira’at and Naat competition

The 3rd Interdepartmental Qira’at and Naat competition organized by Hayatian Islamic Forum in collaboration with Student Services Center UOG was successfully held in A-07 hall. It was a prestigious event in which the participants, guests, judges and the audience, all gathered to express their affiliation, enthusiasm and love for Allah Almighty and His beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) either by reciting enchanting verses from Holy Quran, saying Naat or by appreciating the performers.
The event was hosted by Seemab Farooq, Bakhtawar and Abdullah.
The distinguishing guest judges of the event were:
Qari Junaid Liaquat Siddiqui
Syed Jawad Hassan
Umer Farooq
Hafiz Usama Mukhtar
Guests from University were:
Assistant Director SSC Syed Kashif
Patron of HIF, Dr.Muhammad Nawaz
Coordinator HIF Nadeem Abbass
Ex Coordinator, Shoaib Arif
Ex President HIF (HQNS previous), Mirza Naqash
Many students from all around the campuses participated in the event for both Qira’at and Naat. Those who succeeded in securing positions in Qira’at are:
1st position: Amt ul Wadood (MBBS)
2nd position: Hafiz Hassan
3rd position: Imran Noori (BS Geography)
Participants who scored positions in Naat are:
1st position: Syed Ali Mujtaba Bukhari
2nd position: M. Armughan Khalid
3rd position: Muhammad Awais Qadri
The results were announced by guest judge, Qari Junaid Liaquat Siddiqui
Towards the end of the event, the guest judges, took a step forward and enchanted the scenario with their beautiful and spell casting voices by reciting verses from Holy Quran and Naat.
In the closing ceremony of the event, certificates were given away to the participants, whereas shields were presented to the position holders, hierarchy of HIF, guest judges and university guests as well. The details of prize distribution ceremonies are:
The guests, Sir Kashif, Dr. M. Nawaz, Shoaib Arif and Mirza Naqash presented shields to whole team of HIF
Shields were presented to Ex-president HIF, Mirza Naqash and President Waqas Asif by the Patron.
The guest judges were also presented with shields by university guests.
Shield to the Co-coordinator HIF was presented by Patron HIF
And to the Patron by Assistant Director SSC.

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