City School

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The City School (TCS) sought and received accreditation by The Higher learning School. Established in 1978, The City School is one of the most prestigious

Gujrat Air port

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Gujrat Air port is non-commercial public airport Gujrat airport has acquired a lot of area. These days a flying club is working to make flying

Aziz Bhatti Hospital

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Aziz Bhatti is Distric Head Quater Hospital of Gujrat. Medical Treatment is free for all people of Distric Gujrat Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital, Gujrat, has

Superior College

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In the year 2000 when the world was moving towards a new millennium, South Asian Educational Promotion Network was making plans to develop educational facilities

Akbar’s Fort

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Gujrat fort was constructed by Mughal Emperor Jalal ul Din Muhammad Akbar in 1596~97. It is the symbol of Mughal Architecture in Gujrat. It is

Shah Dola

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Legends of the ShrineShah Daulah was born in the second half of the 16th century (Christian calendar), and he lived for some time at Sialkot.

Gujrat Railway Station

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The main Peshawar – Karachi railway line passes through the city and Gujrat is among the important railway stations of this route. The district is

Head Marala

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Marala Headworks is a headworks situated on the River Chenab near the city of Gujrat and Sialkot in Punjab province of the Islamic Republic of

Zamindar College

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Govt Zamindar Post Graduate college is serving the humanity since that time when Pakistan was not formed. It is a historical College so that it

Zulfiqar Medical Comlex

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Zulfiqar Medical Complex is located at jail road. Hospital has all medical facilities ,laboratory, pharmacy etc. Hospital has every type of specialist Doctors.