Jamia Qurtaba Gujrat

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Jamia Qurtaba is islamic center where children can get islamic education.Jamia Qurtaba is located GT Road near to Edi Center.

Fawara Chowk

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Fawara Chowk is situated near prince chowk . Fawara Chowk is popular due to fountain of water. University of Gujrat city campus and First women

Shah doula Chowki

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Shah doula Chowki is loacted at Shah doula Chowk.This is old and historical place of city which has two main entrance one goes towards Bazar

Punjab College

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The Punjab Group of Colleges has been committed to the cause of education to our nation’s youth for over twenty eight years and is the

Zahoor Elahi Stadium

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Zahoor Ellahi Cricket Stadium is the only one Big cricket stadium in Gujrat city. It is located in Kutchehary Chowk at the junction of Jalalpur

Kharian Cantt

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Kharian Cantt. or Kharian Cantonment is one of the largest cantonment (Army Base) of Pakistan. It is located near Kharian city in Gujrat district of

Eid Gah Mosque

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Eid Gah Mosque is located at GT Road.This mosque is oldest mosque of city gujrat . There is association between Eid Gah Mosque and Mugal

Kanwa Wali Sarkar

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His real name was Karam Ellahi and he was a son of Ghulam Muhammad.By caste he was an Arian.He was famous by the name of

Afzaal Marriage Hall, JPJ

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Name: Mr. Afzaal Address: Gujrat Road, Jalalpur Jattan City: Gujrat

Jinnah Public School

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Jinnah Public School Gujrat Jinnah Public School is one of the best Government Schools in district Gujrat. It offered admissions in Nursery to Matric Class