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PC World

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M: 0300-6255710
Purnai Chungi, Near Shoukat Khanum Labortary

Take Away Mobiles & Photocopy Shop

P: (312)230-0085
infront of sazina cinema, alipura road, gujrat

Tarar Mobiles

M: 0306-6208054
Helan Chungi Phalia Mandi Bahauddin

Umer Mobile Shop

M: 0333-8402789
Near Staff Gala Sargodha Road Gujrat

Waleed Mobiles

M: 0300-7755159
Katchery Road, Mandi Bahauddin

World Link Mobile

M: 0333-8531601
Gulyana Road, Kharian

Nobal Mobile Center

M: 0300-8621913
Milad Chowk Dinga

Noor Mobile Whole Sale Dealer…

M: 0300-6262016
Dhakar Plaza Rehman Shaheed Road

Pakistan Mobile Zone

M: 0321-7750371
Yasin Plaza Mandi Bahauddin

I.Phone Home Shop

M: 0323-3332244
Shafique Plaza, Gulzar-E-Madina Road