Shah Dola

Legends of the ShrineShah Daulah was born in the second half of the 16th century (Christian calendar), and he lived for some time at Sialkot. Then he settled at Gujrat, and is credited with various buildings, charitable work, teaching and counseling. Shah Daulah is said to have cared for wild creatures. One report had him placing “helmets, or head coverings … on his favorite animals”. Sometimes women seeking a cure for infertility would come to Gujrat, hoping that the holy man would pray for them. After such prayers, some of these women were believed to produce chuas. In one version of the legend, the first child born after the holy man’s prayer was a chua. Later, more chuas were conceived, because other women saw one of the chuhas who was already there.Another version held that Shah Daulah’s prayers led to the first child being a chua, and by custom these were left at the shrine after they were weaned. Otherwise, people wanting a child would promise an offering, or dedicate the first-born to the shrine. If they failed to keep their promise, either the first-born would somehow be transformed at birth into a chua, or later children would all be chuas, until the parents paid. In a third version, all the first-born were chuas

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