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Industry: Services
Functional Area: Sales & Business Development
Total Position: 35+
Job Type: Freelance (First Shift (Day))
Job Location: Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, Sialkot, Gujrat, Jehlum, Pakistan
Gender: Doesn’t Matter
Age: 18 – 30 Year
Minimum Education: Intermediate/A-Level
Career Level: Entry Level
Minimum Experience: 1 Year (1+ year field experience in sales & marketing will be preferred)
Salary Range: PKR. 20,000 – 30,000/Month
Apply By: Nov 25, 2015
Job Posting Date: Oct 30, 2015

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Job Description:
Jhatpat SBDO Job Description:

Please read carefully, especially the Applying section:

The position is called Sales and Business Development Officers (Jhatpat SBDOs) and currently 50+ positions are open for hiring on a casual/ freelance basis in 20+ Cities/Districts of Pakistan:


Other than experience preference already mentioned, Jhatpat SBDOs are expected to have:

An intimate knowledge of your city, trades, services and businesses

A willingness to work in field with good communication and inter-personal skills.

An access to personal conveyance and a smart/ android phone with skills to use social media apps and e-mail from the smartphone

A positive attitude towards accomplishing tasks, honesty and integrity

Role, Responsibility and Expectation:

Jhatpat SBDOs are expected to conduct field visits, collect on a simple but given format and then convey (via e-mail) data regarding:

A. Handymen, Service Providers and Professionals: who are willing to accept jobs on a casual basis in their own city/ area (via SMS) from Jhatpat Control Room and earn in cash every-day without paying any commissions for 3 months. The broad categories include (but are not limited to) Electricians, Handymen, Tutors/ Skill teachers, Beauticians, Domestic servants/ Service providers, Event Managers. For a completed list of this category please visit ******************* click the tab Services and browse through the options

B. Delivery Agents: Young and willing boys (preferably 18-30 years who are willing to accept delivery jobs on a casual basis in their own city/ area (via SMS) from Jhatpat Control Room and earn in cash every-day without paying any commissions for 3 months.

C. Leading Retail Businesses: collection of data only. For a completed list of retail business types please visit ******************* click the tab Deliveries, follow the link Purchase & Delivery and browse through the options

D. Distribute Company brochures/ handbills to all of the above three categories and earn incentive (see below)

Pay & Incentives Package:

For every verifiable/verified entry, Jhatpat SBDO will be paid Rs. 50 (Category A)& Rs. 25 (Category B/C),

Although there are no monthly targets, however, if Jhatpat SBDO achieves a specified target (600 entries), estimated at 4-6 hours of daily work, he will be paid a bonus of Rs 5,000+.

which implies that by a field-work of 4-6 hours, the monthly earning can be minimum 25,000+ (up to 50,000)

As already mentioned Jhatpat SBDO is expected to distribute Company Brochures. All persons who call company for sign-up after reading the brochures and tell the name of the SBDO will be automatically marked as Referrals by that SBDO and paid at Rs. 25 per Referral.

This means that Jhatpat SBDOs who sincerely works for 4-6 hours a day can easily earn 30,000+ in Pay/Incentives.

Jhatpat SBDOs will be assigned a log-in where they can see statement of their payments. All pay/ incentives will be paid by direct debit into his/her nominated Bank Account on 1st of every month.


A candidate who fills out the following simple form and sends it along with his/ her CV will be shortlisted and employed within 3 working days and signed-in electronically.


Jhatpat SBDOs who, after employment, lose interest and do not communicate for many days without intimation may be rendered in-eligible after payment of dues

Jhatpat SBDOs who, after employment, deliberately conveys a bogus entry in any of categories (A/B/C) mentioned above will be rendered in-eligible

Sales Cycle

12+ months

Sales Skills

Go-to-market Strategy

Team Management

Influential Communicator


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