Zahoor Elahi Stadium

Zahoor Ellahi Cricket Stadium is the only one Big cricket stadium in Gujrat city. It is located in Kutchehary Chowk at the junction of Jalalpur Road and Bhimber Kotla Road. It was outwardly rebuild during the last government of Chaudharys’. Many shops are set up around its wall.Previously Zahoor Elahi Cricket Stadium was known as Horse Show Ground. The name was given to it because a horse show was performed at this place. During election campaigns this stadium is also used for political jamboreesPlaygrounds, Sports Complexes, Stadiums and Parks play a vital role for the development of a healthy youth of any society and country. And in Gujrat, the number of these playing facilities is insufficient. It is my humble request to the Government Authorities to build new playgrounds, parks, stadiums and sports complex in District Gujrat on priority basis.

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