Weather Observatory Instruments – UOG

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Weather Observatory Instruments installed on campus that includes:

1. Hemispherical Cup Anemometer
2. Evaporimeter
3. Rain Gauge
4. Stevenson Screen
5. Grass Meter
6. Weather-Vane

Hemispherical Cup Anemometer is used for measuring wind speed.

Evaporimeter is used for measuring the rate of evaporation from a wet surface to the atmosphere.

Rain Gauge is used by meteorologists to gather and measure the amount of liquid precipitation over a set period of time.

Stevenson Screen holds instruments that include thermometers (ordinary, maximum/minimum), a hygrometer, a psychro-meter, a dew-cell, a barometer and a thermograph. Its purpose is to provide a standardized environment in which to measure temperature, humidity, dew-point and atmospheric pressure.

Grass meter to measure the level of the grass/lawn.

Weather Vane is an instrument that shows the direction of the wind. They are typically used as an architectural ornament to the highest point of a building.

These devices will be used to observe and measure the weather on campus and its other characteristics such as wind speed, rate of evaporation from a wet surface to the atmosphere, the amount of liquid precipitation (over a set period of time) and precipitation and direct heat radiation from outside sources.

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