Reader’s Club Celebrates Mother’ Day

Readers Club-CMCS (Center for Media and Communication Studies) organized a special session on international Mothers’ day. The session was consisted of beautiful views and reviews to pay a wonderful tribute to strongest relation on earth, the Mother. A few chunks from famous book “MAA G” by Qudrat Ullah Shahab were especially read out in the session, following the personal views of the participants in the CMCS-Hall.
Session started formally with the verses from Holy Quran. Later, HOD, Centre for Media and Communication Studies, Dr. Zahid Yousaf sensitized the audience to respect their mothers. Faculty at the center, Dr. Lubna Naz, Ms. Saira Saeed and Ms. Sobia Abid also talked in the session and shared their personal experiences of childhood. They recalled their memories and paid tribute to their mothers. Moreover they emphasized that mothers’ love must be recognized by the children, because this recognition can never be replaced by any other materialistic stuff.
Agha Jaffery, a student at center also shared some events from the Islamic history that were listened keenly by the attendees in the event. Another couple of students, Bilal Ahmad and Hafiz Tariq played their video presentation in which they showed their thoughts on the topic. Saira Bano, reviewed few parts from the book “MAA G“ by Qudrat Ullah Shahab. Inzmam Ali read-out Anwar Masud’s famous Punjabi poem “AMRI”. While Usama Saleem shared his emotions attached to his mother. Hasnain Yousaf, another student, read-out a few verses from poetry, which was focused on worth of mothers in this world. Safeer Kabeer and Rida Javaid presented their writings in the session.
Ms. Rukhsana Riaz, the Coordinator Readers’ Club, said; the session was planned to conduct in the pattern of reviewing few classic writings on mothers like “MAA G“ by Qudrat Ullah Shahaab and “The Mother” by Maxim Gorky, but due to midterm tests the program has been reduced to limited presentations. She suggested the students to read the proposed writings along “Bandi” by Mumtaz Mufti and special editions of Urdu Digest; “MAA number”, while sharing her own views on the writings.
While commenting on children’s behavior towards mothers, she further said that; new generation wants their mothers as smart as made-up TV stars, as loving as shown in movies and as active as a progressive working woman but at the same time as submissive as mothers of the past. And eventually the character of mothers has become confused in itself.
The session lasted for two hours, during which many emotional words were thrown towards attendees of the P213 hall. All Participants were agreed that Mothers should be treated with love, affection and sincerity as they treat their children throughout the life.

Reported by: Tahir – Xteam

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