Life changing Workshop organizedby SUFA

“Is life just a game? A reassuringand life changing Workshop organizedby SUFA(Society for Universe’s Futuristic Analysis) in collaboration with Youth Club Islamabad & Xnews – UOG, the official media partner of the event
at Academic block A07 Room, University of Gujrat Hafiz Hayat Campus
Anchor: Ali Ahtisham
Guests: Youth Club Team and Faculty Members
Guest Speaker: Prof. Raja Zia-ul-Haq (C.E.O of Youth Club)
Attendees werea large number of UOGIANS.
The main aim of workshop was to evoke encouragement and inspiration among UOG students. Guest speaker Prof. Raja Zia ulHaq by his incentive and spiritual speech motivated students to bring positive change in their lives. Speaker also shared his life experiences with audience. Furthermore, He left students to think about their purpose in life by elaborating the theme of workshop “Is life just a game?” in the light of Quran and Hadith.
Reported by: Wajeeha Dilshad & Hamza Azam

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