Gamma Pehalwan

c. 1915: Great legendary wrestler of Pakistan Gama (Gulam Muhammad) was 5.7 feet tall and 260 pounds in weight. He had won 5000 and remained undefeated. Gama’s daily diet as six chickens or an extract of eleven pounds of mutton mixed with a quarter pound of clarified butter, ten liters of milk, a pound and a half of crushed almond paste made into a tonic drink along with fruit juice and other ingredients to promote good digestion. This expensive high fat, high energy, high everything diet helped to drive Gama’s daily training, which in maturity consisted of grappling with forty of his fellow wrestlers in the court. Five thousand bethaks (squats) and three thousand dands (pushups). He lifted 1200 kg stone at the age of 22. The stone that has now been kept at Baroda Museum in Sayajibaug is two-and-a-half feet in height and has text inscribed on it. The text says that the stone was lifted by Gulaam Mohammed on December 23, 1902. Gama had visited the then Baroda state to attend a wrestling competition when he achieved the feat.

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