Chenab College of Commerce

Challenging, professionally relevant courses and degrees which are prized throughout the world are the hallmark of chenab Group of colleges Gujrat & Wazirabad. CGC programs liveliness and creativity are ensured by the fact that staff is engaged in high level research and performance. Active learning is the business not only of our students but also of our teachers.

CGC also excels in the sports and social activities, debates, dramas, functions and more. We firmly believe that it is the overall Chenab Colleges experience, not just classroom learning which determines the richness of the students life and provides the true preparation for your future.

At CGC, students and staff work together to foster an environment of social tolerance informed by critical enquiry.We are very conscious of our responsibilities to provide a safe and accepting environment where students from many different backgrounds can freely, securely and enjoyably learn together.

We are committed to generate new ideas and investigating new phenomenon, exploring and analyzing the best of the Pakistan human tradition of scholarship and developing the benefits of research. We are proud of our famous 20 years history but we understand that our future depends on our achievement of today.

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