Karam Elahi Al Maroof Kawan Wali Sarkar

His real name was Karam Ellahi and he was a son of Ghulam Muhammad.By caste he was an Arian.He was famous by the name of Sain Kanwan wali Sarkar.This name was given to him because many crows sat upon his head and shoulders.Sain Kanwan Wali Sarkar died in 1928. And his tomb is on the Madina Road, it is near toKutchehary Chowk. Every year Urs (anniversary) of Sain Karam Ellahi Kanwan Wali Sarkar is scheduled. And a Fair at this occasion is also celebrated.In 1838 on 3rd April in the house of Mehar Gulam Muhammad a child was born named Karam Elahi in the mohallah of Gujrat named “androny kanya nwali”Mother name was “Mai Bhollan” . He was from “Arain Khandan”. He got his early education from a “local Madrisa”, this was Islamic education, as the role of that time. Teacher of Karam Elahi was “Mian Natha” which was the “majawar” of “Chisti Badshah Mizar” which is also located in Gujrat. His education ended at the age of 16 years and on that time this education considered enough for life. After this Karam Elahi led his remaining life only in the worship of ALLAH. He was doing nothing as a job, because of this he was called as “Sain Karam Elahi”. He often gave his food to crow and because of this he is popular with the name of “Sain Kanwaan Wali Sarkar”. He died at the age of 90 years on 18th July.

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